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What is Care Management?

Advocate Care Management provides a comprehensive assessment of our client's needs, crafts a customized plan of care, arranges for services, monitors care and keeps all involved parties informed.  This ensures better, more cost-efficient care than can be provided through traditional home care or in nursing homes.  Services can be provided to individuals who live in their own home, a family member's home or in congregate housing, such as an assisted living facility.  Additionally, care managers act as advocates for their clients when visiting physicians, coordinating with financial planners and other similar activities.  They coordinate care with different health care providers and act as liaisons between clients, loved ones and trustees, keeping everyone fully informed to allow optimal health care choices to be made.
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Who is Care Management For?

Families who live at a distance rely on care management to provide a trusted link to their loved ones.  Attorneys may use care management to assess a complex clinical situation in the home, a care facility or the community.  Trust officers find that care management plays a key part in assessing needs and assuring the provision of quality, targeted, cost-effective care for elders.  Health care professionals welcome the specialized individual services that care management can offer to help prevent clinical crises and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.
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What Services Does Advocate Care Management Provide?

  • We assist older adults and their families to create an ideal living situation catered to their needs, while maintaining a stimulating and active lifestyle, and act as a liaison between them and their loved ones.
  • We provide a comprehensive evaluation of specific physical, environmental, nutritional, psychological, financial, safety and social needs and keep health care providers, caregivers, trustees and family members up-to-date as to our clients' unique needs and how to fulfill them.
  • We monitor and respond to changes in those needs, in coordination with family, trustees and physicians.
  • We help locate the best health care providers, caregivers and health care facilities.
  • As an advocate for our clients, we coordinate between physicians, attorneys, trustees, financial planners and benefit agencies.
  • We can act as a health care guardian/conservator for elders without immediate family.

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Why Use Advocate Care Management?

Our president, Etelka Froymovich, R.N., B.S.N., M.H.A., has been a leading member of the local geriatric care community for a decade, has been a registered nurse for over 25 years and has dedicated her life to assisting those with unique medical needs.  She has been recognized by many agencies, such as the Indiana Association of Home Health Care, for her leadership in providing the best geriatric health care possible.  Her experience has given her great insight in how to find the best people to provide health care in central Indiana.

Advocate Care Management is able to provide the uniques synergy of having not only highly-qualified registered nurses on staff, but also a dedicated medical social worker with a master's degree and a track record of highest-level patient advocacy.  All of our staff are rigorously screened and selected by Etelka to join the Advocate Care Management family.  They are all experienced, well-trained and caring individuals who have made lifetime commitments to caring for others.
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Is This a Nationwide Service or Just the Indianapolis Area?

The recipient needs to be in Indianapolis.
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Will My Loved One's Private Medical Information be Protected?

Yes, Advocate Care's managers are held to all HIPPA privacy rules.
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Why Might I Need to Hire an Advocate Care Manager? I Already Take Care of My Loved One Myself.

Advocate Care's managers can save families time and money by coordinating care, arranging transportation to appointments, and acting as a liaison for the family with the many physicians, attorney, trustees, financial planners and benefit agencies, therefore helping to ease the burden on families.
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How can an Advocate Care Manager help a family decide what is best for their loved ones?

An Advocate Care Manager starts by providing an initial assessment, taking into account one’s medical and social history.  Through ongoing assessments further needs are identified and then arrangements for that care are met.  The Advocate Care manager coordinates and supervies all care whether it is skilled or non-skilled.
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I have siblings located throughout the country and we are all concerned about our parents’ current health and safety.  How can an Advocate Care manager assist us?

Advocate Care Managers work extensively with families in different locations by providing oversight and keeping families informed of their loved one’s status via phone calls and emails.  For further information about this and other services, contact Advocate Care.
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