Care Coordination: What Can You Do about Resistance to Care?

Care Coordination: When you feel as if your elderly family member is resisting all of your best ideas and plans for helping her to have the best quality of life possible, that can become incredibly frustrating. 

Worse, it can leave you feeling as if you’re not doing enough to help her with care coordination.


Care Coordination in Southport IN: Care Coordination

Care Coordination in Southport IN: Care Coordination

Get Some Help Figuring out What Your Senior Truly Needs

Before you can do much to overcome your senior’s resistance to care it’s vital that you understand what she really does need. Until you do that, she might be resistant for a reason. Care coordination services can help you to make an honest and thorough assessment of what your elderly family member truly needs and what resources are going to best serve her.

Keep Your Senior Involved in Discussions about Her Care

Part of the reason that your elderly family member is not keen on discussing or participating in care is that she might feel a bit left out. Talk to her when you’re both in a positive frame of mind about what’s going on and what you’re concerned about. All of the decisions and discussions about her care should involve her opinions as well.

Try not to Force Decisions When She’s Not Ready

You may be ready to pull the trigger on a decision, especially if you’ve got resources and help from care coordination experts to lean on. But that doesn’t mean that your senior is quite ready. Make sure that you talk with her about what’s holding her back and why she’s not at the same point you are. There could be something you’re still overlooking.

Stick with the Plan

Once you’ve got a plan and you’re making headway with that plan, stick to it. You can always modify the plan if it doesn’t seem to be meeting the needs of everyone involved, but don’t confuse that with completely veering off the plan. Also, it can help your senior to trust in what you’ve planned out if she sees that you’re sticking to what you’ve discussed. That can be an important part of building the trust that she needs in order to remove that last bit of resistance.

Often resistance to care coordination is rooted in feeling out of control and worrying that her independence will be shattered. Try to remember that your senior is operating from a position that is slightly different from your own, so her perspective is slightly different, too.

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