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Advocacy, Assessment, Crisis Intervention, Care Management, Education, Guidance for Adults with Disabilities, Information/Referral, Placement

At Advocate Care Management, we help plan a team approach to caring for our clients' individualized needs, with a compassion for optimizing lives, providing peace of mind with integrity.  Patient advocacy is our priority and the trust we build in our clients is our most important asset.

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Our services in Indianapolis, IN

We provide many services designed to help families provide the best possible care for their loved ones.

We assist older adults and their families to create an ideal living situation catered to their needs, while maintaining a stimulating and active lifestyle, and act as a liaison between them and their loved ones.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of specific physical, environmental, nutritional, psychological, financial, safety and social needs and keep health care providers, caregivers, trustees and family members up-to-date as to our clients' unique needs and how to fulfill them.

We monitor and respond to changes in those needs, in coordination with family, trustees and physicians.

We help locate the best health care providers, caregivers and health care facilities.

As an advocate for our clients, we coordinate between physicians, attorneys, trustees, financial planners and benefit agencies.

We can act as a health care guardian/conservator for elders without immediate family.

We can help determine long-term financial costs and assist with day-to-day financial issues, like bills.

If you would like to request a service not listed above, please contact us.

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