Care Management: Six Ways Care Management Is Valuable for Family Caregivers

Care Management: One of the services you might overlook as a family caregiver is care management.

This type of service might sound like something your senior doesn’t need quite yet, but the truth is that care management professionals can be invaluable for your elderly family member and for you at any time.


Care Management in Indianapolis IN: Care Management

Care Management in Indianapolis IN: Care Management

Accurately Assessing an Aging Family Member’s Needs

As a family caregiver, you might not understand fully what your senior needs at any given time. This is especially true if she’s facing multiple health challenges at once. Care managers are experts in the issues affecting your elderly family member.

Sorting and Helping to Prevent Crises

If your elderly family member’s health is fragile, you might find yourself up against one crisis after another. Worse, you may have some of your own crises to manage. Handling all this as a long-distance caregiver adds another layer of worry. Care managers can spot problems before they become a full-blown crisis and they can help you with answers.


Functioning as a Patient Advocate

It can be tough to get medical providers to see things the way your senior does at times. It’s incredibly powerful to have a patient advocate on your senior’s side who can be a liaison for your senior. Often having someone who can translate is what the situation needs.


Helping Seniors to Maintain Independence

Your senior might need an advocate most when she’s trying to assert her own independence. Aging in place is a common goal for a reason. Your elderly family member wants to continue to live on her own terms, and that’s understandable. Care managers can help her to do that.


Care Management: Locating Care Solutions

As much as you may want to do everything for your senior, that’s not feasible. And the more care your elderly family member requires, the more difficult that can be for you. Care managers can help you to find senior care providers who can help you and your elderly family member.


Care Management: Offering Peace of Mind

One reason that so many family caregivers have a difficult time stepping away, even for necessary situations and respite time, is often that there’s so much to worry about in terms of their senior’s situation. If that describes you, then knowing that care managers have the situation well in hand can be a huge relief for you. Peace of mind truly is a priceless commodity.

Depending on your elderly family member’s situation, there may be countless other ways that care management professionals can make life easier for both of you. They become part of your family, and they care about your senior just as much as you do.


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