Care Management: There are a lot of different ways that care management can make life easier for you as a family caregiver.

Care Management encompasses so very much and there’s a lot that the average person just doesn’t know that would make the entire experience better. Care managers can bridge that gap.


Care Management in Avon IN: What Does Care Management Do

Care Management in Avon IN: What Does Care Management Do


Assess Care Needs and Propose Solutions

When all you see are problems and needs, everything ends up jumbling together and you might feel stuck not knowing what to do. Care managers are able to assess your senior’s care needs and prioritize them. Some of the issues that you might not realize are important are ones that may have a huge impact very soon. They can help you to find solutions that you might not have found on your own.

Identify Possibilities for Housing

Your senior may have decided that she’s staying at home, but what if she can’t? There can be a wide range of reasons why your elderly family member isn’t able to age in place as she planned and if that’s been the plan all along, you may not even have a plan B. Care management can help you to look at the housing options available and determine which ones are most viable for your elderly family member’s situation.

Coordinate Care as Needed

When you’ve identified the types of care your senior needs, now it’s time to get all of that moving like a finely tuned machine. If your senior needs long-term care after an illness or surgery, that’s something that has to be arranged. Any medical services, like pulmonary rehabilitation or dialysis, likewise need to be coordinated. Your senior might benefit from having in-home care available, and care management professionals can help you to find a service.

Care Management: Serve as an Advocate for Your Senior

You and your senior may need someone in your corner, too, that can help you to advocate fully for your elderly family member. Knowing when to step in and to make sure your voice and your senior’s voice are heard is a really important skill. And in the event of an emergency, someone with a clear head can help you to decipher everything that’s happening.

Care managers have the experience that you need in order to get these and other situations resolved quickly for your elderly family member. That enables you and your family to relax a bit and to spend as much time as possible simply enjoying your senior’s company.


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