Most family caregivers find themselves feeling all alone in caring for their elderly family members at some point.

If your senior’s health has worsened, you may feel this even more acutely. Knowing where to turn for help is one of the first steps you can take toward getting your senior what she needs. Advocate Care Management can help you with this.


Care Management in Noblesville IN: What Care Management Can Do

Care Management in Noblesville IN: What Care Management Can Do


Evaluate What Your Senior Needs

It’s so hard to know and to figure out on your own what supports your senior needs. You may know that she’s having trouble with specific tasks and issues, but as far as solving those problems goes, you may feel at a real loss. Sitting down with someone who can help you to really list out what your elderly family member needs can be liberating.


Talk with Everyone about Tough Topics

There’s a lot about getting older that is not easy. And if you and your senior haven’t talked as much as you really should have about some of what that entails for her, then that’s overdue. Working with a geriatric care specialist can help you to discover what those tough topics are and talk about them in a caring and open way.


Sort through Plan Options

You’ve got more options than you think, even if you’re worried that your senior’s situation is pretty bad. You’ll have guidance to assist you with sorting through those options and figuring out which ones are going to fit your needs and your senior’s needs most closely. Realizing you’re not completely on your own helps immensely.


Coordinate the Care Options that Are the Best Fit

Even after you have made all the choices, care still has to be coordinated. There is often a lot of moving parts in making sure that your elderly family member has all of the services and care that she needs. Care management professionals are able to be the go-between that you need in order to keep everything flowing.


Offer Advice Based on Experience

You may still need some advice or a friendly word of encouragement and that’s not a failing on your part at all. You’re human and you’re doing a very difficult thing for someone that you love. Having an expert in your corner to give you advice when you need it is truly essential.

As your needs and your senior’s needs change, care management professionals can help you to find the other options that will help to meet those needs.


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