As a long-distance caregiver, you may worry that there just aren’t any solutions that can help you and your elderly family member to each feel secure in her situation. But working with care management services may be exactly what you’ve been missing. They can handle the daily details and allow you to focus on your senior.


Care Management in Zionsville IN: Long Distance Caregiving Tips

Care Management in Zionsville IN: Long Distance Caregiving Tips


Care Management Professionals Can Arrange Home Care Visits

If your elderly family member lives on her own, home care visits from an experienced service can go a long way toward easing your mind a good bit. They can check to make sure that she’s safe and that she’s healthy. If she’s not, for some reason, they can help you to understand what will help her the most.


They Can Also Assess the Care She’s Receiving at a Facility

It’s also possible that your senior is already in a facility of some type. It’s tough to evaluate care as a layperson and when you’re far away, that’s even more difficult. Care management experts can visit your senior at her facility and give you an accurate and thorough assessment of the care that she’s receiving. If there are problems, you’ll know about them and you’ll have a plan for resolving those problems.


They Can Follow up with Doctors and Other Medical Providers

Keeping track of all of your senior’s medical needs can be intimidating and confusing. Having a care management professional on your side serving as a liaison between yourself and your senior’s medical team can be incredibly soothing. You’ll know that you’re getting the information that you need in order to make the big decisions about your senior’s health that you’re tasked with as her caregiver.


They Can Help You to Formulate an Emergency Plan

Something that’s vital for you and you’re senior to have is an emergency plan. Your elderly family member may be fine right now, but something can happen with little notice, especially if she has serious health issues. Care management professionals can walk you through setting up an emergency plan that takes into account all of the different variables at play.

Care management services can help you to feel far more secure as a long-distance caregiver, particularly if this is all new for you. You may not always be able to be there for your elderly family member in the ways that you want to be there. Care management can bridge that gap.


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