Elder Care: Your dad is getting older, and his health changes have you worried about his safety.

He wants to stay in his home, but you don’t live nearby. There’s a way to make both of you happy. Use these tips to ensure aging at home is safe and possible with elder care.


Senior Care in Brownsburg IN: Aging at Home

Senior Care in Brownsburg IN: Aging at Home

How Close Are Others?

Does your dad know his neighbors? Does he have family members or close friends nearby? If so, ask how often they check-in to see how he’s doing. If he’s alone for weeks without visitors, it’s time to address his need for regular companionship.

Assess His Home’s Safety

Assess his home’s safety features. Are any modifications needed to make his home safer? Does he have sturdy rails on all staircases? How about grab bars in the bathroom? Is his flooring slick wood or tiles? If he has wood or tile floors, does he have non-slip rugs? It’s risky if they slip around when he steps on them.

Make sure he has smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors installed on each level and in his bedroom. Find out if he has a medic alert system already or if he would benefit from one.

Write Out His Goals

Talk to your dad about his goals as he ages. Would he want to move, have elder care aides help him at home, or move in with you after a fall? If he couldn’t drive, would he want to move closer to essential services or have someone else drive him around?

Your dad needs to think about his goals in different situations. If he broke a hip and required help with housework, laundry, and personal care, who does he imagine filling that role? Find out if your dad has any chronic health conditions that may worsen in the future.


Find Out if He Has Legal Protections in Place

Has he considered the benefits of having elder care aides helping him at his home? Has he named someone as his powers of attorney for medical and financial decisions if he couldn’t speak for himself? Ask him if he has a will and advance directive filed with an attorney.


Arrange Elder Care

Elder care services help your dad age at home without worrying about his safety or isolation. As often as he needs, he’ll have caregivers helping him with the things he struggles to do independently. He may want someone to help him shop for groceries and prepare meals. He may wish to have a caregiver take him outside for walks.

Your dad’s elder care aides provide companionship. He has someone to join him for activities and entertainment. He has help staying independent without risking his health or safety. Call now and make arrangements.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering Elder Care in Brownsburg, IN, please call the caring staff at Home Services Unlimited. Serving Greater Indianapolis Area. Call for Immediate Info & Assistance:  317-471-0775