How much are your parents exercising?
The benefits of fitness are plentiful and 30 minutes is the recommendation. Regular exercise helps prevent some chronic health conditions. It helps with balance and muscle strength. It also helps ease stress and reduce the risk of anxiety.

When your parents can’t or don’t want to go to a gym or fitness center, it’s important to come up with an at-home fitness routine. These tips will help families get started.


Home Care Services in Indianapolis IN: Establishing a Fitness Routine

Home Care Services in Indianapolis IN: Establishing a Fitness Routine


Talk to Their Doctors

Before starting anything new, talk to their doctors. See if there are restrictions on what they can or cannot do while working out at home. If strenuous activities are cautioned against, ask about equipment like treadmills, hand weights, or stationary bicycles.

If their doctors feel that they would benefit from a home video program like Yoga or Tai Chi is better, ask if there are suggestions on which program they should start with. You may be referred to a physical therapist for them. That will help immensely.


Invest in Supportive Footwear

If your parents are using a treadmill or walking outside, they need supportive walking shoes. They do not want to risk a twisted ankle or blisters having shoes that fit too loosely. Go to a shoe store that offers professional measurements to ensure the shoes fit correctly.


Purchase the Right Equipment

Before you invest in equipment your mom and dad won’t use, look at the things they like to do. If your dad likes riding a bicycle, a stationary bike is a good idea. Place it in front of a TV that’s equipped with a streaming device. While he rides, he could have a scenic travel video playing so that he feels like he’s riding in that area.

Your mom loves walking. Set up her treadmill in a similar fashion. She’ll be walking. Instead of staring at her wall, she’s watching a 4k travel video. She could be walking through a Japanese open-air market or along a beach in Italy.


Make Sure They’re Encouraged by Family or by Caregivers

Someone needs to keep encouraging your parents to exercise. Can you do that or are you pressed for time? When you have a home to maintain, a part-time or full-time job and your own family that needs you, caregivers from a home care agency are a huge help.

Let caregivers help your parents throughout the week. They’ll keep your parents’ fitness regimens on track. When you can visit, you’re free to do fun things together knowing that the chores are done.


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