One of the first things you’ll do when you start working with life care management services is to perform a care-assessment for your senior.

This thorough evaluation looks at some specific areas of your elderly family member’s life, support system, and needs in order to pull together as much information as possible. This gives your senior a foundation for her care going forward that is invaluable.


In-Home Care in Beech Grove IN: Need a Care Assessment

In-Home Care in Beech Grove IN: Need a Care Assessment


You Need a Full Picture of What Your Senior Is Facing

Every aging adult is facing different challenges and concerns. Your elderly family member’s health, mobility, and ability to manage activities of daily living all factor into that list. If your senior is unable to drive, that’s another challenge she’s facing. Identifying those main concerns and noting what is likely to become a concern down the line is crucial so that you’re able to cover all the bases.


You Can Start to Put a Complete Plan in Place

Once you’ve gotten an idea what the specific issues are for your senior, with help you’ll start to see what solutions might be available for her. Piecing those solutions together gives you a plan you can start implementing almost immediately. As your senior’s needs change or as you start to understand them more deeply, you’ll also be able to adjust the plan.


You’re Able to Evaluate Existing Support Systems

Your elderly family member may want to age in place, but what supports that for her? She may have you and other family members willing to assist her, but there may be other support systems, too. This care assessment helps you to determine how much support she needs so that you can locate those resources and get them working for her right away.


You Identify Specific Care Needs

Depending on what all your elderly family member needs, there may be specialized care available for her. Implementing those solutions can have results far more quickly than your elderly family member might expect and can keep her from facing interventions she may not want at all, like moving to an assisted living facility. This allows you to be as agile as possible with her care plan, too.

A life care management specialist can walk you through this process faster and easier than you might expect. Together you’ll be able to put a comprehensive plan in place to find what your senior needs and implement each step in a cohesive way.


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