In-Home Care: Check for These Early Signs of Dementia in Your Elderly Loved One

In-Home Care: There are many elderly people who struggle with cognitive decline and other cognitive changes.

However, not everyone who experiences these issues will have dementia. If you aren’t sure whether your elderly loved one has dementia, you should look for the early signs of this disease. If you aren’t around often to check for these signs, you can always hire home care providers to care for your loved one. When they are at your loved one’s house, they can assess them to see if they notice these signs.


In Home Care in Carmel IN: Dementia

In Home Care in Carmel IN: Dementia


Strange Memory Issues

Almost every elderly person will have memory issues from time to time. However, people who have dementia will have strange memory issues. For example, your elderly loved one might frequently forget their best friend’s or sibling’s name, where they live, or the name of objects they use all the time. In addition, your elderly loved one might forget things they were just doing, but they can remember things from years ago. If you or an in-home care provider start noticing that your elderly loved one has strange memory issues, you should have them assessed by a doctor.

Behavioral or Mood Changes

If your elderly loved one has dementia, they may start experiencing behavioral or mood changes. These changes will begin in the early stages of dementia and get worse as the disease progresses. For example, your elderly loved one might become depressed, stop participating in hobbies, or decline invitations to social events. They may also become quite irritable. On the other hand, your elderly loved ones may be more outgoing than they usually are. You should keep an eye out for these changes and report them to your loved one’s doctor at their next appointment.

New Communication Issues

Have you started noticing your elderly loved one struggles in conversations? Maybe their home care provider reported this issue to you. In the earlier stages of dementia, your elderly loved one may say sentences that make no sense. They may choose words at random or replace certain words with other words.

In-Home Care: Conclusion

If you are caring for your elderly loved one, you should check for these early signs of dementia. If you do notice these things, you should call to schedule your elderly loved one an appointment with their primary physician. If you aren’t able to look for these signs due to other responsibilities, you can hire in-home care providers to do this.


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