In-Home Care: What Kinds of Needs Are Addressed by Life Care Management?

In-Home Care: Even a healthy older family member has a variety of needs that do need to be met.

It’s difficult to know exactly what those in-home care needs are on your own, which is where life care managers can step in and simplify everything for you.


Life Care Management in Indianapolis IN: Addressing Needs

Life Care Management in Indianapolis IN: Addressing Needs


In-home care: Health Needs and Medical Care

Your elderly family member may have a variety of health issues and types of care required, and that can all feel like an awful lot to juggle. Life care managers understand this and they have a process to help prioritize care needs and make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

In-home care: Legal and Financial Needs

Your senior may well have a financial manager taking care of bills and other issues for her, but it helps to have another set of eyes on the situation. No one wants to believe that someone that your senior trusts would ever be acting in anything but her best interests, but it’s good to have some follow-up in place.

In-home care: Social Issues, Including Family Concerns

Socialization is an area that often falls apart for older adults. Friends and family members move away and may not be able to spend as much time with your senior as would be optimal for her. Coordinating family visits can be difficult, too.

In-home care: Coordinating Home Care Services

In-home care services may be the key to helping your senior to age in place if that’s one of her biggest goals. Finding those services and getting them into the groove of helping your senior in the ways that she wants can be a bit tricky without expert help.

In-home care: Addressing Safety Needs

Keeping an eye on safety is crucial. Just one injury or even a fall at home can dramatically change your elderly family member’s life forever. In-home care can take over those regular safety sweeps and ensure that your elderly family member’s home continues to be a safe place for her.

In-home care: Assisting with Transportation and Housing

When it does appear to be time to make a change in your senior’s living situation, there are lots of options there, too. Having the help to navigate those choices allows you to focus on what will actually work for your elderly family member. If she’s had to give up driving, she’ll need help with transportation needs as well.

Life care management is a full-spectrum type of assistance that addresses all of the various needs that your senior has.


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