There are few things that might frighten your senior as much as worrying that you might try to make her move out of her home, especially if that’s not part of her plan for her life. You can do a lot to reassure her that she’s in charge of that, though.

Life Care Management in Greenwood IN: Is Your Senior Worried?

Life Care Management in Greenwood IN: Is Your Senior Worried?


Why Is She Worried About Moving?

It’s important to understand why your senior is suddenly concerned that she’s going to have to move. Has her health changed? Is she experiencing challenges you didn’t know about, such as facing having to stop driving? These are questions that you need to ask in order to delve deeper into what is causing this to be a concern for your elderly family member.


What Other Issues Is She Facing?

There are the things you don’t know, but there are also the things that you do know. For instance, you may be very aware of how many safety hazards exist in your senior’s home and the challenges that she faces in eating healthy meals on a regular basis. If you’ve already got answers in place for those issues, you may be able to extend them to cover the issues that are new to you.


Look at Other Solutions

But it could also be time to look at other solutions for your elderly family member. Bringing in senior care providers can lift some of the housekeeping load from your senior’s shoulders, for instance. This can allow her to conserve her energy and continue to live in the home she loves. Senior care providers can help with other tasks and concerns, too, such as helping her to dress and to shower, taking over cooking duties, and driving for her when it’s not wise for your senior to do so.


Put a Plan Together that Meets Her Goals

When you’ve got a full understanding of the problem and a combination of possible solutions, it’s time to put a complete plan together. Having a plan enables both you and your elderly family members to know what’s going on and what contingencies are going to be. This helps to reassure her that you’re not going to try to convince her to move unless that’s something she decides she needs or wants to do.

Finding the right answers is a lot easier with help. Working with care management professionals helps you to find exactly the resources and solutions that your elderly family member needs most in order to solve the biggest issues she’s facing.

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