Having a care team allows you and your elderly family member to have emotional and literal support as you manage the various needs she’s facing right now. It might help to take a minute and consider who is part of your existing care team and who you might want to add. Remember that as your senior’s needs change, other things change as well.


Life Care Management in Southport IN: Your Senior’s Care Team

Life Care Management in Southport IN: Your Senior’s Care Team


You, Other Family Members, Friends

The innermost circle of your senior’s care team is likely to be you, as her primary family caregiver, as well as other family members. There may be other people in that inner circle, too, like close friends of yours who are willing and able to help or friends of your senior. Sometimes even neighbors offer that little extra help that makes your senior’s day easier.


Home Care Providers

Your senior may need experienced home care providers to assist her with her daily tasks and needs. Some seniors find it difficult to adjust to needing extra or outside help. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, developing a plan to ease her into becoming more accustomed to having help can be a good idea. Or home care providers might tackle specific tasks for your elderly family member, letting her get used to having their help.


Local Agencies that Help the Elderly

Local agencies can be a huge help for your senior and for you. Because there is such a variety of agencies that handle a variety of different aspects of assistance, you and your senior may want to do some investigating. Each agency has different requirements for participation as well, which can feel frustrating to deal with on your own at first.


Care Management Professionals

That frustration is why working with care management professionals can be so empowering and helpful for you as a caregiver. They’ve got working knowledge of a ton of different local and national resources that can have incredibly positive impacts on your senior’s life and well-being. When you are not sure what you even need in order to solve a specific issue, care management professionals already have a set of solutions from which you can choose.

Your senior’s care team may change over time depending on her needs. That’s perfectly normal and not something that should be a concern. What’s really important is making sure that her needs and your own are being met throughout the process.

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