Post Surgery Care: Recovering in a hospital or in a rehabilitation center is nothing like being able to be at home, and it might have been a while since your senior has been able to be at home.

When you finally do get word that she’s able to be discharged, there’s a lot to do in order to prepare for her to be able to rest safely at home. You will need to plan for post surgery care.


Care Management in Brownsburg IN: Coming Home

Care Management in Brownsburg IN: Coming Home



Look at What She Needs at Home

If your elderly family member has spent weeks or even months in the hospital or in a rehabilitation center, she may need food at home and other things as well. Look at what else your senior might need, too. There may be some specific modifications you need to consider, like using shower seats to help you’re senior bathe. Preparing for those things now can save aggravation later.


Don’t Forget Safety

Besides medical equipment to make life easier and healthier, does your senior need anything in order to be safer? Assessing her fall risk is imperative. Make sure that pathways are clear in the home and take a look at what your senior’s sleeping situation is going to be. Does she need to move her bedroom downstairs, for instance?


Get Recommendations from Her Doctor

Talk to your senior’s doctors and other medical providers before she’s released to come home. Find out exactly what you can expect during her transition home. There may be a lot that you and your senior need to be on the lookout for in order to make sure that she’s okay. In the hospital or the rehabilitation center, those tasks may be handled automatically. You may also need some extra help with wound care and other medical needs when your senior comes home.


Post Surgery Care: Consider Getting Help with Care Coordination

It’s a big deal to be coming home, whether your senior has only been away for a couple of weeks or whether it’s been much longer. Working with experts in care coordination can ensure that you’re not missing anything that is crucial for your senior’s recovery. There’s so much to stay on top of, and care managers have the experience that you can rely on when you’re feeling unsure.

Recovering from physical ailments takes a lot of time and energy for your senior, no matter where she is. But you can help your aging family member to have what she needs for post surgery care, while she goes through that process.


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