As your elderly family member ages, her needs and her challenges are going to change. Managing all of that on your own can become complicated. Life care management might be exactly the solution you’re seeking.


Senior Care in Beech Grove IN: Life Care Management Steps

Senior Care in Beech Grove IN: Life Care Management Steps


Assessing Your Senior’s Needs and Formulating a Care Plan

The first steps are all about gathering information. It’s important for you and for the life care management team to understand why your elderly family member needs help right now. Going over her medical history, the medications that she takes, and where she stands with activities of daily living are also important steps. A life care manager will also want to know what kinds of support systems are already in place for your elderly family member and what sorts of risk factors she’s facing. This is all going to result in a thorough identification of what your elderly family member needs and how to meet those needs.


Locating and Initiating the Necessary Resources

As a caregiver, you might think there’s little to no help available to you and your senior. In reality, there are a lot of resources, but you may not realize how to find and to access them. Life care managers have experience in all of these areas and as a result, can pinpoint the exact resources that are most likely to benefit your senior and give you the best results possible. Your life care management team can check the availability of various resources and determine what needs to happen in order for your senior to access those resources.


Communicating with Everyone Involved and Coordinating Care

Life care managers can take so much of the guesswork out of this entire process. They know what you’ll need to know and can ask those important questions all along the way. They can help to coordinate things like delivery of respiratory devices or other durable medical equipment while also ensuring that you have the information you need to properly use the equipment when it arrives. Life care managers can be the go-between that you need in order to keep you and other entities fully informed about what’s happening and what still needs to happen.

There’s no reason for you and you’re senior to feel confused or alone as you try to figure out how to best meet her needs. Life care management can remove all the uncertainty and help you to make the best possible decisions for your senior’s care both now and in the future.


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