Finding the right care situation for your aging family member is not easy to do, especially on your own. If you’re working with a care management consultant, you may want to have an idea of what to bring with you to that first appointment. That information helps you to feel a little bit more prepared, especially if you’re still not quite sure what to expect.


Senior Care in Carmel IN: Care Management Consultation

Senior Care in Carmel IN: Care Management Consultation


Your Senior’s Health Information

The more detailed the information that you bring with you about your senior’s health is, the easier it can be for a care management consultant to match your senior’s needs with the right services. The types of information that you’re going to need might include actual medical records, lists of your senior’s medications, and any advance directives she has. All of this can be useful information.


Any “Wish Lists” for Your Senior

It’s possible that you and your senior have already determined something of a wish list for her wants and needs both now and in the future. This can help to narrow down and to rule out services and situations that are definitely not going to fit your senior’s requests. If your senior doesn’t already have any kind of wish list fleshed out yet, a care manager can help you to figure that out with her.


Copies of Identification

Applying for different programs and services often requires copies of your senior’s identification. Picture identification is likely required, as well as copies of Social Security cards and Medicare cards. This information helps to ensure that your elderly family member is able to access all of the different services that she needs and wants as quickly as possible.


Any Other Information Related to Your Senior’s Care

It’s also a good idea to bring any other information that might possibly be related to your senior’s care. This ensures that you’ve got less likelihood of having to bring back or otherwise send over other bits and pieces of paperwork or random information. If you’ve got everything that you need with you from the very first visit, that can help to streamline everything and keep things moving right along.

If you’ve already got a caregiving binder that contains a lot of this information, it might be easier to just bring that with you to your appointment. Your care management consultant can help you to sort through what’s vital for this process from all the information you’ve already collected.


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